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Host your own event or retreat

 We can hire this venue to host your own event, wedding or retreat. For small and big groups, we adapt to your needs.

We can provide you with the accommodation, great catering straight from our gardens and, of course, our little Paradise.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We are happy to listen your plans!


Music, permaculture, yoga and much more!

An Evening in Paradise – Jesse Morris, Bonnie Love, Essie Thomas

An Evening in Paradise – Jesse Morris, Bonnie Love, Essie Thomas; 29th Sat July

Diamond Play with Greg Sheehan

Diamond Play with Greg Sheehan (by Rhythmic Seeds)  June 16-18 Dive deep into Greg Sheehan's...

Paradise One Presents: UNWIND Festival

UNWIND Festival- in 2017 we have created something special: UNWIND Festival invites you to kick...

11 Course Tribal Tapas

11 Course Tribal Tapas Tuesday December 27th, 2016 Its time for another edition of Tribal Tapas!...

NYE at P1

NYE 2017 at Paradise One Celebrate another trip around the sun in style at P1! An intimate...

Rythmic Seeds 2016

For 4 days in January, a vibrant collection of musicians, producers, dancers and mcs from across...

Permafeast 2017

Visionary and sacred art retreats

Retreat with Michael Fuchs

Beauty, light and atmosphere: The soul of every painting.

Retreat with Luis Tamani

Nature as an infinite source of inspiration.

Positive Visions

Visionary art workshop w/ A. Scott Miller and Chris Dryer.

Visionary Alchemy

Visionary Art Intensive with David Heskin & Aloria Weaver.

Vision Craft

Mischtechnik painting and symbol magic with Daniel Mirante.

Transmutative Art

A Visionary Art in Paradise Workshop with Adam Scott Miller (USA),

Painting with light

Art & Spirit intensive retreat with visionary artist Amanda Sage.

Vision Quest

A Visionary Art Painting retreat with Daniel Mirante and Katia Honour.