Nature as an infinite source of inspiration.

(2019) 03th – 09th February

Luis Tamani will guide you in the use of painting as medicine.The Medicine of patience and concentration. The Medicine of colours and Light.

“I invite you to reveal the powerful and delicate creator of the magic you already are”.

On Earth, we can see that Nature is always teaching us how to adapt, how to evolve, how to amalgamate each moment, each part of Life. Our bodies are one of the infinite manifestations of this perfection. Through this practice, I invite you to open your eyes to our environment, accustom your sight to discover the colours and of course, open your eyes to yourself. For that, I invite you to bring a portrait of yourself or someone else. Anyone that you choose. And also various pictures of elements that you would like to appear on your painting.

The journey will start by recognizing how colours exist and how we can create them.
Then, we will take the time to transcribe the perfection of the portrait you chose, in its shapes and in its shades, and we will make the fusion with textures and the elements you selected.

Material to bring ;

• Canvas – the size you are comfortable to work with.

• Acrylic paint – I recommend you bring artist quality paint.  ( Golden  /  Matisse /  Winsor Newton )

• Brushes – I recommend to bring artist quality brushes in various sizes which you feel comfortable to use.

• Reference Photos – Portrait of your self or someone else. Plus some photos of different elements you would like to put into your work.

Please bring good quality colour printouts/photocopies. By good quality we mean not having pixel noise. 

All skills are welcome!

Photo Gallery of Visions Craft Art Retreat

Luis Tamani

Luis Tamani

Conscious Art

I am a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest. I grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River, in Pucallpa. I always have been fascinated by the beauty of the Nature, inspired by the singing of the birds and attracted by the magic of Life. I remember all these stories told by my family about these unexpected occurences… I was always intrigued by all these things that talked about the invisible.I didn’t fit in with the school, was not interested in the numbers and neither in all these dates were something happened… I always have been attracted by the colors of the nature, I always loved to look at the infinite shades of green that I could see in a tree. And I always enjoy to feel my hand retranscribe what my eyes could observe. So I applied into the art school of my native city, Eduardo Meza Saravia art school. During five years I received a very academic training and I learn a lot from these lovers of art. At the end of this cycle, I used to practice Abstract Art, making the fusion between texture and shape.

After finishing my studies, Life gu. I do not come from a family where they practice this medicine but, my grandma just knew about plants and their secret. She never studied anything, but she had the knowledge. That knowledge that is revealed to the wisdom hearts from secret channels. The Knowledge that is available here, right now, for each person connected to herself. So I meet the Spirit of Ayahuasca. I “saw” the spirit of birds, the Light of the world and the infinite of the Universe. And I started to paint with a new opening… My creativity were liberated from boundaries. Of course, I don’t mean that the use of plant is necessary to open anything… I am just talking about the only way I know, mine. Today, I want to transmit through my artwork the communion existing between human, vegetable and animal kingdoms. This unicity without which nothing could get developped. I am so amazed by the deep connection that man can develop with plants and animals, by this intimate language that exists beyonds the words. I learn every day by watching Life in all its shapes. I see that the Human is a unique being, full of magical capacities and I feel honored to be one of them.

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