A Visionary Art Painting retreat with Daniel Mirante, assisted by Katia Honour

(2016) 12th – 18th October

We feel that visionary art is still under-appreciated, but that its the next stage in the evolution of contemporary art. We hope to facilitate the learning, creation, and sharing of this amazing genre of art by establishing regular workshops at Paradise One Eco-Retreat Centre, and to be an important hub for artists from around the world, bringing to our venue International Visionary Artists of the highest calibre to tutor students at every level and introduce &/or further their knowledge of this genre.

Our next Visionary Art retreat at Paradise One Eco-Retreat will be taught by Daniel Mirante from the UK, co-founder & director of the UK based Art Pilgrim retreats & a teacher at The Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna. Daniel brings with him an expansive vast knowledge of traditional mediums & materials, & teaches the mischtechnik.

Join us for an deep journey into the sacred traditions of art with visionary painter and experienced teacher Daniel Mirante, of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. Realise your creativity this October within the beauty of Paradise One within a supportive group context, where we will quest to develop and understand our own inner vision, through the practice of painting, visualisation, and learning the language of symbols. Daniel Mirante will share his detailed knowledge and practice of Mischtechnik (mixed technique of oils and egg tempera) which he learned from Brigid Marlin and Ernst Fuchs, as an ideal painterly approach for bringing vision into form, and for engaging with painting as a meditative process of self-discovery.

The retreat will be a balance of “Techne” and “Psyche“. With Psyche, we will explore the theory of sub-creation (inspired by the artistic and literary works of Tolkien and other luminaries). We will develop this exploration through Techne – old masters methods of composition and oil painting with egg tempera , in a guided process suitable for people of all levels of artistic experience, There will be meditative studio time and a variety of exercises for stimulating depth of vision, spontaneous access points to creative inspiration; while also introducing the approaches and pathways taken by Old Masters:

* An Introduction to the Process
* Introduction to oil paint and emulsion
* Instruction to Mediums
* Introduction to Pigments
* co-creation * spontaneous and improvised visionary imagery
* Design and transfer onto panel- charcoal trace
* Design and India ink
* Optical Grisaille and Optical Colour Mixing
* Understanding values of light, dark, mid-tone, ‘keying’ the values of the piece
* Hatching in egg tempera grassa
* Glazing and scumbling (velatura) in oils

“It was truly a beautiful and transformational experience.”
– Clive Hedger (student at retreat with Daniel, Art Pilgrim UK)

“I enjoyed the format, level of technical teachings and presentations very much. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to express themselves with a paintbrush… A truly healing and magical journey.” – Aoife Brown (student at retreat with Daniel, Art Pilgrim UK)

“For those of you with the ability to travel, there is a rare opportunity coming up to study oil & tempera painting with the modern master and fellow alchemist, Daniel Mirante.” Aloria Weaver (fellow Teacher at The Academy of Visionary Art Vienna)

Assisted by Katia Honour

We had the privilege of having Melbourne based International Visionary Katia Honour join us at some of our Art in Paradise Retreats, as an instructor during Daniel Mirante’s Vision Quest Retreat.

Katia’s paintings explore transcendental states of consciousness. Though the ‘unseen’ is notoriously difficult to convey, her art offers a philosophical viewpoint which feels unreal, yet strangely familiar.

Katia has developed a contemporary, visual language which draws upon romanticism and psychedelia. Her plays of light, surrealism, realism, and abstraction offer different perspectives into the phenomena of mysticism, madness and medication.

After lifelong esoteric and shamanic practices, Katia became compelled to visually map the relationships between ethereal, esoteric, emotional and physical realms. The result is a meditation upon the places where the personal merges with the mythic, where humans reveal their divinity and where the Divine reflects within humanity.

“Visions arise within trance and yearn to take form. At times, I simply illustrate a vision rather like making a postcard of a journey. At other times, a glimpse fascinates me and keeps repeating in my mind’s eye. These tend to be my teachers. They tease and only reveal themselves piece by piece while being painted.” – Katia Honour



Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante

Painter, art teacher, designer

Born 1977 in Chester, a Roman city situated on the border of Wales and England. Daniel Mirante is an independent fine art professional, writer and researcher, and educator of painting practice, art history, and contemporary esoteric art. He is the co-founder and director of Art Pilgrim (www.artpilgrim.org), a UK based educational project that specializes in instruction in painting approaches and exploration of translation from traditional to contemporary culture. He is also a founding faculty member of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, where he teaches and lectures regularly (www.academyofvisionaryart.com). Mirante’s background is self-taught, though he was introduced to principles by Brigid Marlin, and in 2012 was an assistant to Ernst Fuchs. He retains a respectful connection to the venerable lineage of The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. International activities involve group art shows and projects, including live painting and lectures at several leading cultural festivals. His paintings are housed in several private collections.


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