Visionary art workshop with Adam Scott Miller and Chris Dryer

(2018) February, 2th  – March, 3rd 

  In the guidance of Adam Scott Miller (AMS) & Chris Dyer, create an astounding artifact of magick! In an alchemy of the “ASMethod” and Chris’ “Positive Creations”, a visionary quest of transmutative art, where inner meets outer in artwork, via a cosmic-class blend of technique into unforeseen Positive Visions.’ 8 days of profound play, focused fun, and catalyzed creativity. Organic vegetarian meals & accommodation provided, amongst awe-inspiring beauty. We will explore the most significant skills of image-making learned by ASM in their decades as full-time mystic artists. This art-intensive is open to all skill levels, but requires dedication. Each visionary student will be given ample and equal attention. 
Adam Scott Miller

Adam Scott Miller

Knowing Visionary Art to be his path – and that world-changing revelations could be communicated through the visionary method – he chose the path of heArt. This road less traveled has since become a lifelong adventure of limitless growth and dilating creativity. In 2010, he moved from America to the ancient rainforest of far-northeast Queensland, Australia where he now lives and works as a studio artist and mentor, as well as being a loving father to his two-year old daughter Maia Lily (already an inspired, focused artist). 

During his creative evolution, he has explored various schools of thought and consciousness-development, combining these with profound personal experiences into his own unique vision as an artist. Throughout his artistic development, ASM has learned a vast array of principles for how we see optically, perceptually and spiritually. Uniquely, he has developed a very particular technique of creating drawing paintings in the “ASMethod” – an approach that combines many of his techniques into a process that is both efficiently precise and limitlessly inspirational.


chris dyer

chris dyer

Chris Dyer is a soul with high intentions for humanity and his self. He is a man on a quest for elevated consciousnesses through natural life experiences and introspections. A medium of the Great Spirit, who opens his vessel and tries to let go of the temporary complications of his ego-mind. A student of life and true soul skater, despite all the falls. Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru till age 17, where he was involved in 80’s skateboarding, 90’s surfing and street gang activities. He eventually moved to Canada to study art for many years. Today he is based in Montreal, where he works out of his home studio “The Positive Portal”. These days he also spends half of his time on the road, making and spreading his art worldwide, as he explores many cultures and himself. By now he has been able to reach over 30 different countries, which has been a chance for him to learn much from a variety of cultures. These powerful experiences has helped him create a flavour of art which fuses many cultures into a spiritual oneness of unity within diversity, which can appeal to all, yet is owned by none.


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