Written by Chloe Gonzalez

Here in Paradise, we are lucky enough to have a multitude of sites to connect with nature, ourselves and others. Our two-storey treehouse is one of those places. Decked out with comfortable seats, a bed, dreamcatchers, and even a kettle, it is the perfect place to unwind, connect with nature, do yoga or enjoy a cup of tea while nestling into a good book.

At night the atmosphere changes when the multicoloured lights in the treehouse emerge excitedly and dance across the interior of the treehouse and the surrounding trees.

Last night, a group of volunteers settled beneath the treehouse around a bonfire. Drum beats from their bongos intermingled with crackles from the fire and the melodic hums of their voices. Wonderful conversations followed shortly after as the fire brought them closer together, to communicate their experiences of the world, their hopes and thoughts, and provide much needed connection in a modern world which can be so largely alienating. Such beautiful connections – to others, nature and ourselves – is so characteristic of a stay here at Paradise One.