Written by Chloe Gonzalez

Vibrant, delicate and sweet-smelling, it seems no one can fail to appreciate the beauty of flowers – just one of nature’s many gifts. But beyond aesthetics, do you realise the many benefits of growing flowers in your garden?

Beautiful buzzing bees are attracted to flowering plants so that the plant may be fertilised through pollination in order for it to bear fruit or vegetables for harvest. Flowers also attract other insects which may help to control pests. When asked about the benefits that flowers bring to our gardens, one of our gardeners promptly responded: “Well they certainly increase worker happiness and productivity by 100%!”

Beyond this, many flowers are in fact edible. They can therefore be used to garnish a dish or dessert, tossed into salads, or even made into herbal teas. This is such a fantastic way to add beauty to a home cooked meal and is bound to increase your satisfaction and sense of wellbeing.