february, 2018

23feballday03maralldayPositive VisionsIn the guidance of ADAM SCOTT MILLER (AMS) & Chris Dyer, create an astounding artifact of magick!


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In the guidance of ADAM SCOTT MILLER  (AMS) & Chris Dyer,

create an astounding artifact of magick!

in an alchemy of the “ASMethod” and Chris’ “Positive Creations”. A visionary quest of transmutative art, where inner meets outer in artwork, via a cosmic-class blend of technique into unforeseen Positive Visions.’

8 days of profound play, focused fun, and catalyzed creativity…..
Organic vegetarian meals & accommodation provided, amongst awe-inspiring beauty.
We will explore the most significant skills of image-making
learned by ASM in their decades as full-time mystic artists.
This art-intensive is open to all skill levels, but requires dedication.
Each visionary student will be given ample and equal attention 🙂

OR EMAIL: welcome@paradiseone.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/ArtinParadise11
Contact Adam: visionASM@gmail.com

ASM’s website: http://AdamScottMiller.com/
Chris Dyer’s website: http://PositiveCreations.ca/

ASM art FB page: https://www.facebook.com/visionasm
CD art FB page: https://www.facebook.com/chrisdyerspositivecreations


Accommodation Total Cost Early Birds (till 23rd November)
No accommodation $1,230 $1,100
Bunk Bed in the Yurt $1,390 $1,260
Twin share room $1,530 $1,400
Private Room $1,630 $1,500
Private Cabin (single) $1,980 $1,850
Private Cabin (couple) $3,150 $3020


February 23 (Friday) - March 3 (Saturday)


Price $300.00$3,020.00

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