Friday March 17th, 5-11PM | FREE ENTRY


A few years ago, two exceptional artists, Sandra Walsh and Cleis Pearce, embarked on a unique collaboration. One a Visual Artist and the other a Violinist, their concept was to document a live interaction between sound and colour.

Both the audio and film recordings were a great success. Cleis’ powerful live music inspired some of Sandra’s most expressive works and allowed her to create in new and exciting ways. The resulting artworks were extraordinary, and perhaps the most wonderful discovery of all was that they had stumbled upon an engaging live performance.

Sandra’s unorthodox, boisterous colour mixing using liquid acrylic and water misters, recklessly throwing colour at canvasses, driven by the masterful and emotive improvisation of Cleis on strings, is a sight to behold.

Part Art Exhibition, part album and film launch, Brush and Bow is a chance to share in this incredible collaboration of two artists in their prime. Witness for the first time in public, a live performance by two of Australia’s most innovative and experienced artists!

One brush and one bow… Pure Art.