Permaculture Paradise Living Course

Learn how to create your own Paradise in a hands on, practical learning program.
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Would you like to leave the city and create your own Paradise? Ready to delve deeper into an organic and sustainable lifestyle? Want to know more about growing your own food? How about baking your own sourdough bread, or fermenting your own kombucha and sauerkraut? Then, Immerse yourself in one of Paradise Living programs that will take you through the entire process of planting, harvesting, cooking and feasting!

These programs are based on participation in small scale gardening and food preparation, following a general content outline guided by facilitators, but delivered in a very natural flow. Activities vary according to the weather and seasons, and are tailored to your current abilities and range of interests.

Apart from learn how to grow and prepare food, you’ll be feasting on delicious organic meals sourced from food grown right here. Our food is a highlight for most people who stay with us. Also, we organise live music events on site, as well as hot tub pizza parties, movie nights and more! Accommodation is in comfortable cabins overlooking the hinterland, with plenty of time to relax in beautiful natural settings.

A Paradise Living Program is an invaluable experience for people wanting to know more about permaculture, sustainability, gardening, plant-based cooking & fermentation, conscious event hosting or market garden ventures.

28 days of experience of paradise Living

Next couse

8 th December 2019 – 5 th January 2020

Paradise Living: Garden-To-Table courses


    Permaculture lifestyle programs that take you all the way from the garden to the table; to the creek and to the dancefloor!





 Learn about

  • creating your own garden
  • growing your own food
  • cooking from what you harvest
  •  fermention
  • baking activated grain bread



  • Music workshop
  • Visal art workshop
  • Qi-cong
  • Yoga


  • Movie night
  • Karaoke night
  • Natural Hot tub night
  • adventure around area -beach, water fall hike
  • Music event




Swim and relax at our own private creek,  chill out in our secluded treehouse.

This is more than a Permaculture course- this is a course in Paradise Living!

5 days a week of hands on, guided garden experience and tuition, and cooking workshops, and 2 free days to relax in our paradise or go sightseeing in the stunning coastal and hinterland.

On some off days, there will also be optional trips to local markets, waterfalls, and to live music events.

All meals, as well as tea & coffee are provided.

We source most of our fresh produce on site, from our own gardens, and supplement this with organic grains and legumes, cold-pressed oils and healthy salts.

The food we serve is often a highlight of people’s stays here;)





Summer  Course

December 8th (sun) 2019 – Janualy 5 th (sun) 2020

 Course in 2020

April 6th (Mon) – 30th (Thu)

June 8th (Mon) – May 6th (Mon)

More dates available in the future!

Let Paradise be your home for a month