You may be wondering: What are we doing all day in Paradise? What is Paradise One and what makes it so special? To answer that question we would like to introduce you to ‘Through the eyes of..’ in which the people that are living here, the volunteers and the guests will give you a little insight in what happens every week at Paradise One. This time Phi-Yen, a volunteer from the Netherlands, will take you on a little journey through her week!

On Monday we harvested a lot of stinging nettle. We had two wheel barrels full of them! Did you know you can make a lot of different recipes with stinging nettle? Once you put them for around one minute in boiling water it will be safe to eat them, but you can also eat it raw if you dare ;). We made a stinging nettle potato soup and it turned out to be delicious! It is perfect for these rainy, cold days.z

After a day of hardworking it is sometimes really nice to relax, do some yoga and watch the beautiful sunset from the water tower at the property of Paradise One. This time the sunset was reaaally spectacular. It looked at one time like the sky was on fire.

I prepared the lunch for everyone together with Camille, another fellow awesome volunteer. We prepared Gimbap, a Korean sushi dish and an Aloo Gobi curry with a ton of spieces. I must say I am kinda proud of our creation!

Today it’s harvest day! With all the volunteers we go into the garden and help wherever it is needed. On the picture you can see one of the fantastic garderner; Bradly! With some music and lot of bad  puns the time always flies. Please lettuce know if you know some good ones too!

Movieeeenight! Sometimes we hang out at the community house and sometimes you will find us all chilling in the Octagon. This is the central meeting place of Paradise One. If you chuck some woods in the fireplace the place will be filled with warmth. Put on the projector and voila movienight it is!

Saturday and Sunday

Depending on if there is a retreat or not we have our two free days normally during the weekend. So this week there wasn’t a retreat so we could enjoy our time doing whatever we felt like doing. I love to sit at the balcony of the community house and draw. We have a great view over the garden and the extra sound effect of the birds everywhere makes it perfect.

This is a game I just got familiar with. It is called stickball. You need to have a ball and stick and the purpose of the game is to try to balance big ball as long as possible on your stick. Easy right? Not really.

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed my week at Paradise One. Love, Phi-Yen