Visionary Alchemy: A 10 Day Painting Intensive

Friday 1st – Sunday 10th December 2017

With Aloria Weaver & David Heskin

Students may choose to attend one of the following:

  1. The full 10 Days – Visionary Alchemy Painting Intensive
  2. The first 3 Days only – The Art of Oil Painting

The First 3 Days – The Art of Oil Painting

In the first 3 days, we will be primarily focused on technical aspects of the craft of oil painting.  We will create two paintings of the same subject matter in two completely different traditional and innovative techniques, in order to better understand the full range of possibility that oil painting offers. The Art of Oil Painting explores the differences and similarities between direct and indirect (layered) painting approaches, from the ground up, summarizing extensive research into a practical and effective means for artistic expression.

Our exploration will take us through a variety of traditional and visionary oil painting processes, while translating these techniques into a unique means for personal expression. Returning students will build upon the elements that were introduced in other classes, while new students will gain a broad understanding of a diversity of drawing and painting materials and techniques.

Please note these 3 days are not intended to create a completed painting. Shorter classes are a great opportunity to take extensive notes and ask personalized questions regarding the painting process. Our mission in offering time-tested techniques is ultimately to guide our students to develop their own unique artistic approach, rather than simply copying another artist’s methods.

10 Days – Visionary Alchemy Art Journey

During this painting journey, students will create a more ambitious Mischtechnik (egg tempera & oil) painting based on their personal vision to put these techniques into action.  The last 7 days of Visionary Alchemy are dedicated to the Artist’s Journey: a synthesis of inner and outer inspiration and the cultivation of a dedicated painting practice combined with a magical working knowledge of the natural elements that are the building blocks of a painting.

The curriculum follows the various stages of a layered painting technique, specifically addressing each of the following stages through demonstrations, hands-on practice and presentations:

  •     Foundational Elements, Composition & the Drawing Phase
  •     Underpainting: Exploring various traditional methods for developing an oil painting, from the ground up
  •     Oil Glazing: Creating depth & luminosity while maintaining overall harmony
  •     Overpainting: Building volume & dimension through translucent paint layers
  •     Finishing Touches: Stylistic approaches to the end of the journey of the painting

Weaving elemental forces into the materials and mediums of painting turns the art into a talismanic portal to the mysteries of Nature. Synthesizing internal and external subject matter, this workshop presents the opportunity for students to develop a uniquely personalized approach to the practice of oil painting.  Cultivating inner vision and imagination in parallel with the observation of Nature allows artists a broad range of creative expression. This workshop will emphasize a devotional focus on our painting practice through meditative concentration both in the studio and outdoors.

$300 nonrefundable deposit is required to book your place. We will contact you regarding your preferred accommodation and payment.

Traditional mediums took time to create, and it takes focused time to learn the methods and materials of generations of old masters techniques. In these ten days, students will enjoy a hands-on approach to the preparation of handmade paints and painting mediums. Our exploration will take us through the many layers of a traditional painting process, while translating these techniques into a unique means for personal expression.  Workshop attendees may or may not achieve a finished painting, but in either case will produce a painting that demonstrates the many steps of a layered painting process – an artifact that each artist can take back to their studios and apply to their original works.

The full 10 day workshop includes our Materials & Mediums Presentation, a comprehensive de-mystification of traditional egg tempera, oil painting and Mischtechnik materials.

This presentation covers the following topics, and many more:

  • Pigments – Traditional, Mineral & Modern
  • Binders – Water- & Oil-Based archival paint vehicles
  • Resins, Solvents & Varnishes – Organic & Synthetic
  • Toxicity & Best Studio Practices

Students are welcome to bring questions related to their own works in addition to the scheduled curriculum. Returning students will build upon the elements that were introduced in other classes, while new students will gain a broad understanding of a diversity of drawing and painting materials and techniques.

The workshop is rich with presentations and demonstrations in the theory & practice of:

  •          Oil Painting
  •          Mischtechnik & other Indirect Painting Approaches
  •          Egg Tempera
  •          Underpainting Methods
  •          Oil Glazes & Overpainting
  •          Color Mixing – Direct & Layered Methods
  •          Drawing & Painting from Life
  •          Composition & Geometry   
  •          and much more..

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to bring our art and dynamic teaching style to Paradise One and to a new community of inspired artists!

Information about Paradise One & accommodation


This workshop will be set in the lush, picturesque eco-retreat centre of Paradise One &  surrounds of the Byron Bay Hinterland, providing plenty of inspiration from the beautiful scenery.


  • Tuition
  • 3 organic meals per day
  • Accommodation & workshop
  • Fees for 7 days
  • Use of the property & the pool
  • Linen & towels.
  • Some materials will be provided. A list of the materials you will need to bring is posted here on our website: Required Materials 



Early bird until November 1.

Accommodation 10 day 10 day 3 day
Early Bird Total Cost Total Cost
No accommodation $1,469 $1,569 $472
Dormitory $1,667 $1,767 $516
Twin share room $1,847 $1,947 $556
Private Room $1,982 $2,082 $586
Private Cabin (single) $2,432 $2,532 $686
Private Cabin (couple) $3,719 $3,879 $1,102