Painting with Light

Art & Spirit Retreat with Amanda Sage

28th November – 4th December 2016

amanda_sageWe are happy to announce that Amanda Sage is returning to Paradise one Eco-Retreat to tutor another workshop! This will be a holistic workshop incorporating painting, meditation, yoga & music. This course will cater for experienced artists & complete beginners.

Come join us for a wonderfully inspiring 7 day intensive at Paradise one with Amanda Sage, Visionary artist & teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. This will be a holistic retreat, including painting, meditation, yoga & music!

We will be learning a version of the mischtechnik, a combination of oil paint & casein layering taught in Amanda’s unique way. With focus on fundemental laws of the natural world, our attention becomes more aware while training our hand and eye coordination to see deeper into life. The act of painting is a kind of direct magic as it takes us into a timeless otherworldy space where we are ultimate creators.

The question then becomes, what do you want to say, what gifts do you have to share with the world. Sometimes we just need to show up to the canvas and open ourselves to the potential, and then trust the process. Through a step by step process of developing a painting and powerful tools of mind and body alignment, we aim to fill your capacities with tools of empowerment to further fuel your life mission. Both experienced artists & beginners welcome!

There will be about 7 hours dedicated to painting each day, which will include presentations, demonstrations, one on one instruction and focused group painting time. Through 10 years of offering retreat style intensive painting workshops – I find that it is a micro-climate of what I go through myself when preparing for exhibitions, or am in an intensive art making process. I tend to dive so deep into the painting that I forget the rest of the world. It is so vitally important to remember our bodies and our environment to be able to do our best work.

This will be the first workshop that my partner Joe Bob Merritt will be joining me in and assisting by offering a couple very profoundly deep meditation practises, based on the teachings of the 4th Way, that help broaden our perspectives of our roles as grand creators and the healing process that we are a part of on an individual and collective level.

Movement and breath is also very important for the painter, as we spend so many hours meticulously layering paint and often even forgetting to breathe! Yoga sessions will happen regularly throughout the time frame of the retreat, and you will be surprised how much more energy and focus you can gain from opening your body through yoga.

Sustenance is another most crucial part of our existence… and when we don’t have time/make time, to prepare healthy delicious meals for ourselves, we end up just eating what ever we can find. And for the artist… well food and good hydration can just be another important thing that we forget. We will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible and high vibration foods during this workshop and also learn about super foods, and how they can aid us in manifesting our visions.


Arrival time: 1-2pm on Monday 28th November (lunch not provided)
Opening circle: 3pm.
Check-in cabins: 6pm (after opening circle)
Dinner: 7pm
Departure time: 2pm Sunday 4th December (after lunch)


3 organic meals per day, accommodation (6 nights) & workshop fees for 7 days, use of the property & the pool, linen & towels. Some materials will be provided. A list of the materials you will need to bring will be posted here on our website in awhile: Required Materials

Accommodation options     Early bird         Regular Price
                                               (until 15th Oct)
No Accommodation               $1008                $1108
Dormitory                               $1140                $1240
Twin share room                    $1260                $1360
Private Room                         $1350                $1450
Private Cabin (single)            $1650                $1750
Private Cabin (couple)           $2650                $2750

You may pay a $300 deposit via PayPal which is required at time of booking to secure your place.
Final Payment due before the 21st November 2016
Early bird price to be paid by the end of 15th October 2016.
And you can also choose your accommodation option at time of payment.